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Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band was formed in late 2008. After recording the initial skeletons of a record, Myles invited few friends to perform on the recordings. After a number of sessions, the project had quickly grow with nine performers contributing. The Rusty Nickel Band soon formed after. The group performs with a consistently alternating line up. Myles Coyne still performs solo on occasion, though is regularly is joined by friends, The Rusty Nickel Band. The group has been touring around the Midwest for two years. The New EP, Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band is out now!

Myles Coyne has been producing solo material & performing live for the last 3 years. The Rusty Nickel Band formed a year ago. Though we are not signed, we make an effort to record our own material & play out regularly around the Midwest.

Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band is a Indie Folk band. We combine our favorite elements of American Pop music & storytelling, with a Folk instrumentation.

The band is inspired by the words and music of Jeff Tweedy/Wilco, Bob Dylan, Sufijan Stevens, & Bright Eyes. Most of the bands we enjoy perform with large accompaniments focused around deep storytelling.


Myles Coyne
Caley Conway
Tim Stone
Alex Shah
Jack Tell
Jordan Maye